Reading List

Here are some books I hope to read in the near future.

The Ancient Celts by Barry Cuncliffe (currently reading);
Audacht Morainn
The Barddas of Iolo Morganwg, Vol. I & II: A Collection of Original Documents, Illustrative of the Theology, Wisdom, and Usages of the Bardo-Druidic System of the Isle of Britain (Forgotten Books) by Iolo Morganwg;
Britain AD: A Quest for Arthur, England and the Anglo-Saxons by Francis Pryor;
British Heroic Age: The Welsh and the Men of the North by N K Chadwick;
Carmina Gadelica: Hymns and Incantations from the Gaelic;
The Irish Texts Society: Cath Maige Tuired (The Second Battle of Mag Tuired) ed. & trans. E Gray;
The Celtic Consciousness by R O’Driscoll;
The Celts (Ancient Peoples and Places) by TGE Powell;
Déirdre (Longes mac nUislenn);
The Druids by N K Chadwick;
The Four Ancient Books of Wales;
Imbas Forosnai by N K Chadwick;
The Keys of Knowledge - Ogham, Coelbren and Pagan Celtic Religion by Kevin Jones (read once, needs to be read again once I have read the myths) ;
Lebor Gabála Érenn  (The Book of Invasions) (Book 1 read);
The Metrical Dindshenchas;
Pagan Celtic Britain: Studies in Iconography and Tradition by Dr Anne Ross (currently reading);
Poetry and Prophecy by N K Chadwick;
Sweeney Astray by Seamus Heaney; and
Táin Bó Cúailnge (The Cattle-Raid of Cooley) trans. Thomas Kinsella;
Tochmarc Emire la Coinculaind (The Wooing of Emer); and
Tochmarc Étaine (The Wooing of Étaín) ed & trans. Bergin and Best; and
Togail Bruidne Da Derga (The Destruction of Dá Derga's Hostel) trans. Whitely Stokes;
Trioedd Ynys Prydein: The Triads of the Island of Britain by Rachel Bromwich.

If anyone is interested, I do have a catalogue of my books online to view at Library Thing.

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Mael Brigde said...

Might I also suggest _Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom_ by Erynn Rowan Laurie? Good research, good synthesis, good writing.