Saturday, 29 June 2019

Review: Elemental Tangents
Composer: Stephen Paine
Photographer: Tracey Swain
ISBN: 9780993252105

Full disclosure: "Elemental Tangents" was offered to me by the photographer in exchange for a review.  As I adore photography, and music, I was happy to do so.

"Elemental Tangents" is a unique fusion of images, and sound.  The elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit are encapsulated in the imagery of Tracey Swain's photographs, and the music of Stephen Paine.

I appreciate good photography, and the music being in the style of ynth, chill out, meditation style is the perfect accompaniment.  It is a unique experience to peruse photographs with music made to accompany it, or to listen to music with imagery designed to enhance the meditative experience.  It's hard to explain this fusion properly; it has to be experienced.

Stephen Paine's music is evocative of Enigma, and Deep Forest.  It is the style of music that allows you drift to other places, which is perfect if you use Tracey's photographs to guide you.

It's not just a CD of music with clever liner notes; it's a book with music designed for reflection on the elements.

I would have preferred this to be a coffee table book, so that the photographs could be better appreciated, with a slot for the CD rather than a CD case-sized book.  This is just a minor quibble.

Would I recommend it?  Yes.  If you enjoy meditation, if you enjoy photography, if you like meditative/chill music, then this is definitely for you.  It truly is an experience.

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