Wednesday, 9 July 2014

To Watch

I have added some videos to my "to be watched" list:

  • Lá Fhéile Bríde – Detailing the lore and traditions associated with the festival that marks the first flourish of Spring
  • Là na Caillich – The Day of the Cailleach in Scotland, which falls on March 25th and marks the beginning of the Cailleach’s rest period, until she reawakens in winter
  • Bealtaine – Focusing on the traditions and customs of the festival of Summer
  • Midsummer: Áine and Grian – Introducing the Midsummer traditions in Ireland, and the issue of solar deities in Gaelic tradition
  • Midsummer: Manannán mac Lir – Taking a look at the Midsummer tradition of “paying the rent to Manannán mac Lir, which originates on the Isle of Man

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting - although I'd like to add, and emphasise, that the first two are very much about Scottish traditions. Irish Cailleachean are very different, and so are Irish Brighid traditions. No doubt you know this, but I'm worried that some readers might not. I honour Cailleach Bhearra from the Beara Peninsula, and she is constantly conflated with the Scottish Cailleach. As a polytheist, that confuses me!