Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gaelic Language, Song and Folklore in Canna

2013 sees the launch of a brand new and exciting opportunity to experience the secrets of the Isle of Canna in the Hebrides. Canna House is prepared to give up the secrets of its priceless Folklore Collections of Margaret and John Campbell for the very first time. Take the opportunity to be one of the first people to explore not only the Campbells’ legacy, but also what drew them to Canna and why it is such a special little island. Fiona will be running her 4th Annual course of both Gaelic Song and Gaelic Language on the island itself this October. 

An intrinsic part of this course will be the opportunity to also learn Gaelic, through the revolutionary, intensive, Ulpan method, delivered by well-known tutor Rhoda Meek.  Gaelic was at the heart of traditional Canna life until not that long ago and  learning the language in the shadow of the cliffs of Rum is an ideal way to feel part of that culture and increase understanding of that way of life.

View more details at Fiona Mackenzie.

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