Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Another Defensive Wall Found in Scotland; Thought to be Larger than Hadrian's Wall

The Daily Mail's headline reads "Hadrian's Wall had a bigger and older Scottish brother: Archaeologists's 10 year study uncovers 120 mile defence system built in AD 70s to keep out northern tribes".

  • Archaeologists reveal Roman defence system in Scotland
  • Structure is believed to be made up of forts, fortlets and watchtowers
  • Thought to have been built in AD 70s after Romans invaded Scotland
  • Deterred hostile northern Caledonian tribes from invading land
It is the largest monument from the ancient era in northern Europe, but Hadrian's Wall in fact has an older and more northern brother.

Archaeologists have been carrying out research into a huge late fist century AD defence system, which stretches 120 miles across Scotland.

A total of 14 forts and several fortlets, which formed part of a defensive network built in the AD 70s, have so far been investigated over the past decade by the team, led by Dr Birgitta Hoffmann and Dr David Wolliscroft, both of the University of Liverpool.

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