Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Search for Brigid Story Archaeology

Brigid: the much-loved, Irish saint and the revered, Celtic, tribal ancestress.  But is there a connection between the two?  Sift through the strata of her story in conversation with the Story Archaeologists.

Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello

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I cannot recommend this series of podcasts on the Irish stories, myths and poetry from The Story Archaeologists enough.  Though I received the recommendation last year, I have only begun listening this past week and have regretted not listening sooner, as I am entranced by what is discussed in these podcasts.  I'm not academic and these discussions seemed to be addressing the lay person, such as myself, so I am grasping the connections being made, and having lots of personal "A-ha!" moments of understanding as I listen.

I've linked to this particular podcast, exploring the stories surrounding Brigid, because we are approaching Là Fhèill Brìghde 2013.  However, this is Episode 5 of Series 1 in the podcasts and I should like to suggest that listeners start from the beginning and work their way through the series.  Something I neglected to do.

I hope my readers find the discussions of the Story Archaeologists as fascinating as I do.

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