Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Curse of Macha: Pilot Feature Film Production

This project is being funded through donations by the general public, using We Fund.  If you're interested in helping, or are just curious, please click here to read more.
Awakened by the onslaught of an invasion, Emer is forced to succumb to the horror of her children missing and the burning flames of her dying village. Rather than accept her fate, she breaks free of the carnage to find another village and a group of warriors willing to take up her cause and find out the truth of this nightmare.

What unfolds is a daring attempt to reach the ancient city of Emain Macha, the stronghold of the Ulaidh (Ulster) Tribes. But with political and religious influences on the struggle for power over the northern territories of Ireland, our heroes our met with overwhelming odds stacked against them. It is with Emer, that the fate of the Ulaidh tribes lays, and through her courage and strength the promise to embrace her children once more.

Many myths and legends have echoed through Ireland's forests, none so infamous than the Táin Bó Cúailgne, an epic tale of greed, lust and pride. 3 deadly sins that have plagued Ireland's shores for an eternity. Our story focuses on one mother’s nightmare and one peoples plight in a land steeped in religious and political turmoil.  Set in the 4th Century AD, Ireland is a land inconstant upheaval. Kings, Queens, Priestess and Warlords battle among themselves for power. All the while the masses struggle to survive daily life in an Ireland that is one dark environment.

The Film is based on the Irish myths of the Táin Bó Cúailgne, our story is an original screenplay by Chris Lennon and Paul Michael.

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