Sunday, 6 November 2011

"Away with the Fairies" - BBC Broadcast

Dominic Arkwright asks why fairies, once threatening and scary meddlers in human affairs, have become innocent, pink and fluffy.

He’s joined by Irish storyteller Eddie Lenihan, fairy illustrator and writer Faye Durston, and folklorist Juliette Wood. We hear how Eddie successfully campaigned to save an ancient hawthorn near Shannon Airport which was threatened by a new bypass. It was, he argued, the portal to the other world of the fairies of Munster. The tree still stands, though surrounded by cars on three sides.

Listen here:

It is available on iPlayer worldwide, but only for the next few days, and a worthwhile listen it is, too.

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Cygnus MacLlyr said...

well i'm glad people might view them such...
I visit a Magik Land often for festivals-- a reclaimed quarry-cum-Pagan Event site-- that has an UNPARALLELED fey shrine.
There is a personal mound/shrine out back, on this property. Point is, many of our faerie are ANYTHING BUT "pink and fluffy". Fey nature is mischievousness, and their idea of breakage is different from ours... lol! AND :( !!!