Monday, 29 August 2011

Pitch to a Publisher Contest – Moon Books

Moon Books is an imprint of O-Books (John Hunt Publishing) and they have graciously offered to take part in our first publisher pitching contest. The prize: a chance to go through the entire proposal system for an opportunity to score a contract for publication. This contest is open to anyone who is interested in submitting a proposal for a manuscript that is either written or partially written.

The proposal can cover any aspect of Paganism: Asatru; Druidry; Heathenism; Wicca; Witchcraft, etc., but it must be non-fiction. To enter, please submit the following information, via email, to Trevor Greenfield (trevor.greenfield(at), Submissions Editor for Moon Books:
  • Author Name;
  • Book Title;
  • Book Status (Draft, Complete, Percent Complete);
  • Book Summary (100 word maximum);
  • Author Biography (100 word maximum);
  • Audience (If you had 500 copies, who would you sell them to and how?, 200 words maximum);
  • Attach a sample of the manuscript (25,000 minimum final word count).
The deadline for this contest is noon on Friday, September 30th. Each entry will receive a reply within five days.

Good luck!

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