Sunday, 28 August 2011

Nature Mystic

Author: Barry Patterson
ISBN: 1906038295/9781906038298

This book of poetry from Mr Patterson is now a very firm favourite book. I received it two years ago, having purchased it after reading his "The Art of Conversation with the Genius Loci" and enjoying the writing style, as well as content.   At the time I shelved it to be read later in favour of other books I was reading at the time and this may have been a mistake, except that I believe that, sometimes, things happen at the right time.

This past week has been rather erratic: one day good, the next horrible.  I keep books at work to read, but on one particular day which wasn't going well, I felt I didn't want to read what I had to hand, so before I left for work I searched high and low among my shelves for something a little inspiring.  I located "Nature Mystic" and put it in my satchel.

The day did not improve, and, in a quiet moment or two, I found time to read "Nature Mystic" and everything changed, because despite being a very slim volume every poem is worth spending time reading, and re-reading.

From the very first, I found myself thinking, indeed feeling different.  Barry Patterson has written very much from the heart about us, and our place in the world - man-made and natural.  His writing is earthy, inspiring, dark, light and reaches into my very being.  Reading his poetry changed the fortunes of my day.  It was a good day because I had this book, with its beautiful writing in my possession.

I should like to add some of the material here, but samples of Barry Patterson's writing can be read at his  website.  I don't have the ability to critique poetry [there are reviews on the net where you can read more scholarly critiques of this book], but, like art, I know what I like and I truly enjoyed, and appreciated "Nature Mystic".

I urge those who like (pagan) poetry to purchase and read "Nature Mystic".

Rating: 5/5.

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