Sunday, 28 August 2011


Readers and subscribers to this blog may have noticed an increase in book reviews, and book-related posts appearing here in recent months.   The lack of other content is down to changes that have occurred over recent months.  The first is a result of a change in computing policy at work. 

Up until recently, I was able to use any downtime at work to surf the internet and there was unrestricted access to my favourite sites, which included blogs, Youtube, Facebook, and pagan fora.   Reading books was reserved for very long periods of downtime, at home as well as work, and so reviews were a little less frequent.  This meant that I was able to keep relatively up-to-date with current events in the pagan community and I was able to find inspiration for posts here, as and when my opinions and spiritual life was affected.  In recents months, restrictions have been applied to personal computing useage at work, including what we are allowed to post using our work ISP.   Posting an opinion on anything that is not work-related is prohibited and this includes the writing of, or commenting on personal blogs, posting on fora, or even clicking a "Like" button at places like Youtube, or photography sites.   This means that any posting I do on the internet must be done from my home computer and, as I only have mobile internet access, I have found myself culling a lot of my virtual reading materials, including several fora.   As the amount of downtime has not changed, but time on the internet has been severely limited, I have had more time to read actual books, hence the amount of reviews posted here.

The other reason for the influx of book reviews is that I have been invited to participate in a programme whereby in exchange for reviews, I receive items which are about to be released for sale.   Being a bit of a bibliophile, and an avid reader, I mostly receive books - though not always - and, when I submit my review for the product, I also post the review here.  These reviews are subject to a deadline so take priority over my own reading schedule, which is why it may appear book reviews may not necessearily relate to my personal (pagan) path.

Reading current events in the pagan world, musing over them, posting my own thoughts on other sites, and spending time drafting, editing and publishing entries on this blog has been profoundly affected.  I find myself a little out of touch with the greater pagan community in the virtual world, though my personal practices and connections (in the real world) are continuing unaltered.  As a result, I feel like Meanderings has become no more than a review site, which was never my intention. 

I hope valued readers, and subscribers you will forgive me while I try to find a more balanced approach to the content of Meaderings.  I expect to be able to upgrade to home broadband before the end of the year, which will allow me to write entries online, rather than offline, and allow me to flit between inspirational links as I draft posts.  I hope this will allow Meanderings to illuminate my wanderings along my personal pagan path, instead of my journey through the book shelves in the pagan library.

In the meantime, I should like to express my thanks to the readers, and subscribers of Meanderings for sticking with me - walking by my side - as I attempt to find my way.

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