Monday, 28 February 2011


The title is a reference to two Greenwood Tarot cards that have drawn today.   The first was from my real-life deck, the second from the online draw; both are more than relevant.   A chance chat with a relative in Ireland has shown some light on something I had (almost) forgotten.   Now, I am intrigued and am planning a trip there for this year; something I had not planned to do for several years.

I have previously mentioned on this blog how I have only known about my maternal family history for a short time.  Now, this morning, a light has been shone on my paternal line from a source from which I generally keep myself distant (family/personal issues).   I have been made aware that certain things have also been passed down my paternal line, though very much out-of-sight.  An offer has been made and I feel ... no!  I know that I cannot refuse.  I am more than surprised and, if I am honest, nervous.

I am vaguely aware that this will mean change and a significant change at that.  When it comes to personal matters, I have always been wary of change, fearful even, but this one seems necessary though once on the other side I am generally adaptable.  This, though, is something I have wanted but pushed to the back of mind (that old wariness again) and now, it appears it has arrived.

So, the Tradition card relates to my family and its history and the Judgement card relates to the following:
"The only thing in life that is assured is that if you wait long enough, it will change. How you survive that change and who you are after change is down to you. The major element in this process is judgement of yourself and others. This may relate to an assessment regarding a personal matter or situation, and could be linked to the process of forgiving. It may also relate to a group or social decision.

In the process of judgement, both as an individual and on the universal level, honesty is the key. Be honest, be forgiving, be patient, but most of all, be assured change is at hand.

Remember, the universe has a long memory. Nothing is ever forgotten.


Your approach to the issues in this card affects your future, decides the nature or even the possibility of your rebirth.

The entrance to a passage grave beckons you; this is a place to lay your past to rest, a still safe sanctified space in which the parts of your life can be reconstituted after the trauma of Death. (see Rebirth, eight of cups).

You are sensitive, and require someone to stand watch for you; either the highest part of oneself, an ancestral guardian... "*

I think the above is able to convey what I am unable put into words here.  I do these online draws for fun when I am bored and they have no bearing whatsoever but, in this one instance, it is a strange coincidence. 

It's only three hours in and already it's proving a fateful and enlightening day.

* From The Greenwood Tarot.