Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dream Work

For months now the passenger side window is my car has not been working and I have been meaning to get it fixed, but other things have taken priority.   I get a chance to test it regularly, oft time because I forget it's broken.

Last night I had a dream that I was driving in my car and the window was down and I couldn't get it up again, and the wind was whistling through the car.   So, as I was driving this evening I tried the button again, not remembering it doesn't work and it went down.  Then I remembered it had been broken for months and my thoughts turned to the dream I had last night and I wondered about the connection.   I've been having crazy dreams the last week: not bad dreams or nightmares, just bizarre scenarios that aren't connected to anything in particular like the puppy and new kitten talking to each other about day to day happenings around the farm.  So why was last night's dream so prophetic?  Was it prophetic or was my subconscious doing the "work" I should have been doing myself?  It is a dark/new moon energy this week and I find gale-like winds such as have been whipping their way across the countryside powerful ~ I work best with storms and crazy energy ~ so perhaps a part of me (that part that sleeps most of the time) took advantage.

Either way it's a crazy situation: a long electrical/mechanical failure rights itself and I have a dream about it the night before I find it's fixed.