Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Incense Holders

I have never really liked the dark wood appearance of most incense holders, as I prefer lighter colours and, to be honest, the designs didn't appeal either.  I prefer the idea of keeping anything lit under protection, but given most incense boxes caused my incense sticks to burn out forcing me to relight them every so often, I tended not to use boxes at all.   I did buy one tower, but it was of dark wood and I just couldn't find a place to put it where it wouldn't stand out.

In Wicca Moon on Saturday, I stumbled across this tower incense burner.  Given I have a fascination with the heart shape and it was washed in a light green, I had to have it.   The bonus was when I got it home and started to use it: because the holes in the cut-out heart shapes are so large air easily circulates, so the sticks never burn out and the smoke escapes in lovely plumes filling the room with the aromas of the incense in no time at all.  It can burn four sticks at once and/or a single cone which allows for a greater intensity.

I am so happy with the stylish little purchase.  I realise it will not be to everyone's taste, but it suits me and my accommdations.  If green doesn't appeal, it also comes in white and blue.  I think I may purchase another one and have my own version of The Two Towers.

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