Wednesday, 11 August 2010

White Dragon Magazine

Once upon a time, I used to read a magazine called White Dragon.  In fact, I was a subscriber, so I always received the magazine through the post at least one or two days days before it would arrive in the local shop.  Since Samhain 2009, however, I have not received the magazine and my emails have not been responded to.  I see that the forum is down, not that they were ever that active but, even so, it's another sign that the magazine is no more.

I have searched on the internet, in vain, trying to ascertain what happened, but, alas, all is silent.  If anyone does have any news about White Dragon, please let me know.  I especially want to here that it is to return.  I certainly hope that the website is not lost, as there are some interesting articles and reviews to be found there which indicate the kind of quality that will be lost if the magazine has indeed folded.


Lee said...

the last i had heard, it had closed down. it would be a shame if the website was lost as it had a huge amount of useful content.

Makarios said...

You can find the site, and the article archives, at

Ancestral Gael said...

Thank you, but the links were included in my post. :D

Edain said...

Love your blog, it keeps me connect to my home country.

Oh and I've just given you an award:

Enjoy! :)