Monday, 9 August 2010


I gave into the consumer in me on Saturday and purchased a clay cup with a stag's head on it.  It's not perfect, as can be seen from the picture, but it's cute. 

I have no good reason for the purchase, as I am not going to use this item in rituals or any celebrations.  I intend to use it as a daily item,
and drink my cordials from it.  I like it; it's quirky. 

I just wish I could justify spending money on a want, rather than a need.

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Anonymous said...

I love manufactured (human-made) objects, especially those of beauty or function. I work my butt off to make my money and sometimes, I enjoy spending it on intriguing things. Right now, I'm looking for the perfect teapot. Perhaps this is part of our humanness. We evolved to seek out the reddest berries and to find the nuts hiding among the fallen leaves. We are drawn to beauty and novelty. We collect, stash, and hoard. So, why not surrender to the human impulse? Enjoy your cup. Use it in good health. Blessed be,