Friday, 12 March 2010

Ha Ha Lili - Sa Dingding

Here is the latest video offering from Sa Dingding, the Chinese musician and artist whose new album, "Harmony" has just been released on CD this week. I wrote a review of her first album, "Alive" here.

The song is called "Ha Ha Lili"; the full title apparently translating to "The Story of Heaven and Earth".


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Beautiful transitions in the videography there. The Lady has some flowing, balanced motions with hand and arm as well.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful artistry with us.


Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

I really enjoyed her last album (bought on you recommendation :) ) I may well invest in this one too.

X said...

wow i love this ,many thanks for the link

and for your comment hope to see you one day in Ullapool

peace and light your dafthermit friends