Thursday, 18 February 2010

A movie of "The Way of Wyrd"?

I have been listening to various podcasts on my commute to, and from work to make a long journey more interesting.   One of those to which I subscribe is Damh the Bard's "Druidcast".  

In January 2010, Episode 34 of "Druidcast" featured an interview with the author, Brian Bates,  and he mentioned working with New Line Cinema in an attempt to bring "The Way of Wyrd" to the cinema.   I hope, really hope, it goes ahead and is done well.

It seems there are a few movies, in various stages of production and pre-production, which might be of interest to pagans and heathens.  It's gratifying to see film producers looking to the old tales and reviving and/or retelling them for a younger generation which is more accustomed to MTV than reading books.   Even if these films should get the Hollywood treatment, it's still pleasing to see the resurrection of the old tales (in whatever form).   I can only hope many more myths are converted to film, tempting this former film fanatic back to the cinema.


dreamguardian said...

I look forward to it. My only fear would be a really poor & low budget film full of cliches.

Blue said...

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