Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Ballinderry River Sings!

I listen to the Coast and Country podcast and on last week's episode "Ripples of the Ballinderry River", Helen Marks explored the Ballinderry River in Northern Ireland.

For me, the most interesting report related to a sound engineer, Professor Paul Moore, who has recorded the sound of Ballinderry River, using sensors floating on top of the water, and converted these recordings to a song, or music, in order to give the river a voice - "a soundscape, as well as a landscape". It is startling: the usual gurgling sounds, but with a haunting backdrop, almost like whale song, which Professor Moore referred to as the Ban Sidhe of the river. It certainly got my attention; I was in awe.

I wish I could get a copy of some of the recordings, but, alas, I have to make do with the snippet broadcast on the podcast. They are endeavouring to expand their recordings to other rivers, and recording the individual songs.

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