Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What I Believe ... continued

Further to my post of 18 February 2009, "What I Believe", I have considered other people's ideas and am now able to add to my list:
I believe in:
  1. the pre-Christian gods of the British Isles;
  2. genius loci, i.e. spirits of place and/or landscape;
  3. animism, i.e. spirits in plants, animals and some objects scientist might deign inanimate;
    ancestor worship;
  4. an energy, or force that permeates everything, though I am unsure as to its source (it could be the gods, or perhaps they are a part of it, like us);
  5. the effectiveness of magic and/or witchcraft, i.e. the ability of humans to source and utilise that energy and/or force;
  6. the ability to craft magic is unconnected with religious beliefs;
  7. crafting magic is a gift, in the blood, not a skill anyone can harness;
  8. the connectiveness of all, not unlike the heathen Web of Wyrd;
  9. the gods are separate from us, external, not something we project;
  10. (most of) the gods/goddesses are separate individuals and not aspects of just one;
  11. the gods are superior to us in some ways, mostly their ability to wield power/magic/energy;
  12. the gods are fallible, just like us;
  13. there are planes of existence other than this one, and they touch at certain points, even interact, with ours;
  14. it is possible to know the non-human denizens of the Otherworlds, such as the Sidhe and other beings, and that we can communicate with them.
I am sure I will add to this list as time goes on and I read the offerings from other pagans.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I share this reality with you. Yes, the gods are fallible and outside of us. I find it insulting when someone dismisses my gods and my tree friends as projections of my own psyche. I'm delighted to find a kindred soul. Keep writing . . . and your poetry is fine, too.
Best wishes,