Friday, 8 May 2009

Trip to the Outer Hebrides

I am in a bit of a bind. I had pre-booked, and paid for a trip to the Outer Hebrides with Megalithic Tours for August this year. Then one of my close family members decides to have a "secret wedding" in September and they tell me so that I can arrange to attend the celebrations in Australia.


Except ... I don't have enough holiday time left with work to travel to Australia and back, and the tour company had already booked and paid for the tour the week before I needed to cancel. I desperately need just one person to book a place on the Hebridean and Highlands tour in August. Unfortunately, it appears that bookings are down this year, so I am doing my utmost to promote the company, Megalithic Tours and the tours, wherein passengers visit ancient, mystical and historical sites.
I travelled with Megalithic Tours just last year, to the Orkney and Shetland islands and it was a fabulous trip. There is only ever 11 people travelling on the bus, the accommodation was marvellous and Neil, the guide, made everything go so smoothly and he was very flexible, allowing for the interests of the passengers. I simply cannot recommend Megalithic Tours enough, and that is why I had pre-booked this year's tour on the last day of our trip. I intend to travel with Megalithic Tours for the next couple of years as its exactly what I want in a tour - interesting, fun, reasonably priced (very good value for money), and easy. Its just a shame I have to bow out of this year's trip (and I was sooo looking forward to it).

So, if you know of anyone who might be interested, particularly in the Hebridean and Highlands tour in August, please, please recommend Megalithic Tours to them. Neil is always happy to answer any questions.

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