Friday, 17 April 2009

Pre-Order "Pagan Paeans"

Yes! You can order directly from Cafe Press and be the proud owner of a copy of the "Pagan Paeans" anthology in a matter of days!

Beautifully printed with high quality covers and binding - the "Pagan Paeans" anthology is going to grace any bookshelf, and help wile away many a happy hour. Be transported to the wilds of nature, or provoked by our satirists; dream of gods and heros or indulge in nostalgia. There is something for every mood, for every reader.

Order now! Be the first to own a first edition of "Pagan Paeans".

Pagan Paeans has an IBSN 978-0-9562403-0-9 and can be wholesaled or bought directly. From May 1st, it will be available through Cafe Press (USA, UK and Ireland, Europe, Rest of World), (paypal, postal order, individual sales or wholesale UK and Ireland only), and/or Nielsen Book Net teleordering (wholesale only).

Hate Poetry?

Fake it. I don't care :) This is a note of Shameless Celtic Boasting in the grand tradition of our forebears to raise awareness that: (a) we have an anthology; and(b) it's damn fine. PPP Publications are terribly proud of themselves. And if you're thinking why the giddy hell is she annoying ME with this - it's so you know we have an anthology!


Caspar said...

Would you mind if I cross-posted this up on Pagan Connection? I'll be ordering my own copy as soon as pay day rolls around! :)

Ancestral Gael said...

Please do!!! The more publicity the better.

Thank you Caspar.