Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I have started to make progress towards my goal of relocating to my "spiritual home". I have found someone to assist me in learning more about the history, language and culture of the area. At last, I feel like I am moving forward. Its seems I've spent a lot of time in reflection, planning and thinking about what I want to do instead of actually doing it, so this development is welcome.

Its not to say I have not made any effort towards reaching my goals, as I have spent months seeking the right people who can help. I have been contacting various groups, societies, and various other organisations, all without result. Finally, I contacted a college and they, rather suprisingly, provided me with further contacts. Its given me hope that I will be able to locate others who will be able to provide me with assistance in my goal.

As much as these new studies will take up much of my time, I still have other smaller goals to achieve all of which will contribute to the ultimate goal of relocation and I will devote more energy to achieving these. I just hope that these will require less prep work!


Bo said...

Good luck!

Thanks for your comment on the 'fifth branch' thread in which whichever pompous oaf it was compared my 'folly' to the Matthewses! I've never laughed so hard - some people have no sense of humour or proportion.

Ancestral Gael said...

Sorry about that, Bo. I don't know how they formed that connection. I wonder why they haven't edited the erroneous post?

Bo said...

Who knows? Perhaps you could ask. No need to apologise - it did make me laugh, though!