Saturday, 15 November 2008


I have seen a few discussions recently on group work and how most of the people I know through the internet do not work in groups.

I am not sure this is altogether true, though. I mean, we may not all meet up (in the physical world) to work together for a common aim, but how often do you see those messages asking for support or healing and people responding that they are acting upon the request? Is that not a form of group working, i.e. the group operating in the virtual and magical realms only?

I do participate in groups, but only online where a sharing of information takes place. I have only ever worked with one person magically, but we worked separately as it were to achieve the same end. I just wouldn't trust anyone else; its not in my nature to trust anyone that way.

When it comes to spirituality, I have participated in group (ritual and informal), but I still prefer the sharing of information through internet groups. That said, a chance encounter with a well-know pagan witch did give me assurance I could be more open about my experiences with others, something of which you are never sure when most contact is via the internet.

I am still very wary of group working and I will probably always work alone, but I wonder ... am I truly working alone if I am interacting with others through the medium of the web?


hen said...

hope this finds you well AC.

Interesting post. In my experience nothing is ever done alone, not truly alone. There is always an influence from somewhere. Interconnectedness and all that.

I prefer to practice, physically, alone, but have experienced very powerful group rituals. To the point where I questioned the psychology of it!


Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

that's an interesting one;
i would say that asking for "support" or for others to work towards the same end is not the same as "group" work.
My rationale for this is based on how I work, personally. I use energy, the natural energy I cll magic. When working with others, literally physically with others, the only people I would consider working with do so in the same way, and working together in the same space would be difficult, and odd.
However separate people doing their own thing but towards a common goal, isn't group work in that sense.
Whenever I've questioned people about covens etc, it always comes down to "oh i do my magical work separately but in coven we do spiritual work," and as I would not mix magic and religion under any circumstances it's another reason why group work is ruled out.

However, sharing information, interest, opinions etc on line is one of thejoys of life :)