Thursday, 13 November 2008

Call to Put Gaelic TV on Freeview

As a new learner of Scots Gaelic, I was dissapointed to find that the new BBC channel, BBC Alba is not available on freeview boxes, despite being a "free" channel on subscription services, such as Sky. Apparently, this will be the case until a review in 2010.

So, I found out that there is a petition doing the rounds to urge John McLeod of the Scottish parliament to release the channel onto freeview. Why is this important? Because not everyone can afford to subscribe to cable/satellite television and why should they if the channel is paid for by their television licence fees? What's more the Scottish government state they wish to promote gaelic culture, yet by having
BBC Alba available on subscriptions services, it limits the potential for promotion that television can provide.

So, if you are new learner of the language, a native speaker or just interested in the culture of Scotland, why not sign the petition, so everyone can enjoy what only the priveleged few can at the moment.

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