Monday, 11 August 2008

Online Pagan Dating Sites

I have to admit to deciding that I wanted to get on the dating scene back in January. I sort of dabbled with one pagan dating site at the time, but didn't take it any further. While on hoilday, I realised that my time on this earth is landsliding away and I can't keep putting off things that require considerable effort - such as dating and relationships.

So, once I had my photographs processed and I had made a start to write up my travel journal, I did a few internet searches for pagan dating sites. Considering how important my beliefs are to me and seeing some of the attitudes of outsiders to pagans, not to mention my quirks (apart from being pagan), I thought it best to stick with those that my understand where I was coming from. Since I am not that fussy about looks (preferring intellectual stimulation), having eclectic tastes in music, food and other areas, and with location not being an issue, I figured there would be at least some decent gentlemen out there with whom I would want to at least strike up a conversation. How wrong could I be?

So far I have signed up with four different sites, including one with a popular organisation whose ethics I loathe, I am rather dismayed to find the only men worth considering have already found partners or are way too young for me - I draw the line at 25 FFS.

Is there no such thing as a decent pagan male who is single? What do you, dear reader, think? Have you any suggestions for me?

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