Wednesday, 20 August 2008

All is Well

I did manage to get my health issue resolved, but not without help from the homeopathic and magical communities. My own attempts were poor indeed, but at least the matter is now behind me.

I can see that I am gong to have to spend time on de-stessing techniques for the future, as if I lose my focus in such a situation, what good am I in any situation at all where I need to "tune in". Its such a shame because I felt so much clearer in my connections after returning from the northern isles of Scotland. This setback was a huge revelation for me about my own lack of skills. Having the knowledge is one thing, but I can see that I do not spend enough time honing my skills. If I did, I would not have had to put out a distress call to all my friends.

Once this week is over (a full schedule sorting out mundane matters), I am going to set up a timetable to ensure that I spend time practicing those valuable techniques that will get me out of the next bind.

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hen said...

It's wonderful to hear you are feeling better!

In my practice I make sure that when I'm feeling all right, and life isn't too bad, I try and get as much meditation and spiritual study in as I can.

It's the bad times that I'm preparing for in my practice. As there is no way I'll be trying to be a better, spiritually aware, person when life is punching me in the face.

I rely on the results of my meditation to kick in naturally when I have to react to something bad in my life. Sometimes it does kick in, mostly it doesn't, but that's why I practice.

The best thing, I think, is not to be hard on yourself, just be disciplined (says me!!!!). Just do the job you can, when you can, and most of all do it with compassion for your well being. Otherwise your mind will just feel rubbish and react like an angry child.

Blimey, hope you don't mind me rambling all that out and I hope it makes sense!

There's something for you on my blog if you want to go and have a nosey!!!!