Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I almost forgot to post about this, though I don't know why. Driving to work on Monday evening, I turned a corner on a country lane that has a bit of a lawn behind the gutter (actually, I think its the only section that has proper guttering, the hedgerows being the barriers for the most part) and for some reason my eye was drawn to look at it. Sitting there, rather nonchalantly was a rabbit watching my car approach. I slowed down as we locked eyes, and I considered taking a photograph (risking life and limb because I stopped on a blind bend in a road where two cars cannot easily pass). However, as the car creeped slowly to a stop, the rabbit crouched down as though it didn't want to be disturbed. I continued on my way to work.

What's got me thinking is that this is the third rabbit in odd circumstances. The other week, after staying late to do some personal work, I was travelling home along a busy A road about 45 minutes after sunrise, only to see two rabbits grazing happily on the footpath outside the local B&Q (DIY centre). I had to wonder what had brought them there as there were plenty of out of the way fields where they could remain undisturbed. Again, I think I was pretty much on my own apart from a truck that had passed a few minutes before.

We have plenty of rabbits on the fields around us, but these three appeared in some very odd places and both sightings occurred while I was in the car travelling to work. I'm not one for seeing the obvious signs, but perhaps I should look into this a little more - or am I just taking things out of all proportion?

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