Saturday, 21 June 2008

Summer Solstice

I have to admit to not making the most of the Summer Solstice this year. I was up at before dawn and wanted to take some pictures, but by the time I charged the battery, sorted out the tripod, etc. the sky was covered in cloud and I had missed the wonderful solstice moon picture I had planned. I did take a few pictures of the sunrise, but I am not that happy with any of them. So, instead I am putting in my favourite flower picture, taken the day before, which is of a peach coloured rose in the garden bed by the pool.

Most of the day I spent gossiping with my friends at
Wicca Moon and people watching, except for that part of the morning when I had an appointment with my dentist, who informed me I needed to return in two week's time for yet another filling. Not the best of news with which to celebrate the solstice.

I did manage to return home in plenty of time for sunset and was able to spend some time in contemplation, at my favourite spot, as planned. So, it ended well at least.

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The Shepton Witch said...

It looks like a peace rose and it's just lovely. I'm envious as the garden I have at the moment is the first hat doesn't have roses, and I do love them. Great photo!