Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Association of Polytheist Traditions - Membership Offer

The Association of Polytheist Traditions [APT] is a non-profit organisation based in the UK. Most of us practise Reconstructed European Pagan Religions. But we welcome all polytheists, including those who adhere to 'world religions' and those who simply have personal relationships with individual gods.

The Association of Polytheist Traditions has an announcement for all RENEWING and NEW MEMBERS for the year May 2008-2009.

"Last year 2007-08 - we know that we didn't do that much. Really we know. Personal circumstances intervened for so many people that it wasn't funny at all... This year, we've started with a fantastic Mini-Conference in Birmingham on Gods and Ancestors in the Landscape, and are holding more events around Britain, with a revised website coming up shortly and issue 5 of our members' magazine Many Gods, Many Voices now being posted out.

So here's an offer. This year's membership is on us. Membership of the APT is free until 31st May 2009 - whether you are renewing or joining fresh. However you have to tell us through our joining form, sending it to us electronically or by snail mail (obviously omitting the cheque) and make sure we have your current address and email."

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