Thursday, 15 May 2008

Songs of Witchcraft & Magic

Well, what can I say about this particular CD? I love it. I truly do. I play it over and over and I've just had to replace my original copy (purchased at the Beltane Bash in London 2007) because it was worn. The added advantage of replacing the disc is that the replacement can also be used in my car CD player; the previous copy could not.

Various artists have contributed to this album, compiled by the Museum of Witchcraft and produced by Wild Goose Records, and each track is unique though all could be termed "folk music". Please don't let this put you off. Every song is fascinating and is accompanied by two pages of text giving the lyrics, details of the origin of the song, and reasons for inclusion on the album. In fact, the little booklet is fascinating on its own.

I do have my favourites, of course. Young Orphy gets me singing along in the car, or out in the woods, which has afford me a few odd looks from fellow walkers. The song that currently holds my fascination is The Brown Girl. There is something about the vibrato in the voice of the songstress that is like listening to a stringed instrument. The song itself is almost a lament and the emotion of the vibrato, a cappella, lends itself beautifully to the tale. The Two Magicians is a bit bawdy, but lots of fun and I imagine a group of people singing the chorus whilst waving their beers in the air.

I imagine I will need to replace the CD, and booklet (the original was ruined accidentally in my handbag when a water bottle imploded) again, but it doesn't matter. One day, my iPod will work and this album will be the first to be uploaded. In the meantime, I am hoping a second CD of "Songs of Witchcraft and Magic" will be forthcoming.

The CD is available from Wild Goose Records, The Occult Art Company online, and various shops, including Wicca Moon in London.

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