Thursday, 8 May 2008


Its always tricky writing reviews for items that have been produced by people you know. You want to be honest, but you also don’t want to offend and ruin a friendship. Not something I have to worry about in this instance.

Rigantona is a CD by Liath Hollins. It is an album of traditional harp music; music native to the British Isles and Ireland. All but one of the songs feature the harp. Fairy Host, is my favourite track on the album, mostly because the lyrics and the power of the artist’s voice are mesmerizing. It is sung without the harp, though there is some light percussion to enchance one short section of the piece.

Greensleeves is a simple and perfect instrumental version, for which the Liath Hollins, should be congratulated. It is a tune that brings fond memories to the fore. The album is a combination of several good instrumental pieces played lovingly on the harp, and three songs, which combine to create a perfect afternoon’s listening. I’ve listened to this album several times already whilst driving to work, each time thinking I would dearly love to listen to a live performance from the artist.

I believe Liath originally intended this CD to promote her skills as a harpist for weddings, but its so much more. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. It can be obtained from the website,
Traditional Harp.

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