Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Moderating Fora

Cailleach by Thalia Took Well, one of the fora that I frequent have decided to set up a separate section for those new to ideas of Irish paganism and Irish witchcraft. So far, its been a very closed site, allowing new members only through invitation. I was very lucky to have received such an invitation after I kept asking questions of one of its members, who frequents An Fianna.

I am still a beginner, having started on a heathen path, which originated with Anglo-Saxon interests. When I made the transition, after a freak encounter, I started to trawl information about Irish paganism on the internet, only to find it overloaded with pages from delusional and/or uninformed writers. Even my limited grasp of Irish history and society told me that what I was reading was unreliable at best. Bibliographies were missing, and those that were in place were loaded with authors I knew to be doling out fodder for fires - see the ancient Irish potato goddess of one particularly prolific author.

I joined ITW in February of last year and have been asking questions, on an off, since that time. With trepidation, I consented to moderating the fora for new members of ITW. I have to admit to having some doubts, as I cannot answer the questions of fellow seekers at this point; I am still reading ferociously and trying to absorb the meanings behind texts, whilst getting a good grasp on history. It can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing - I just hope that other newcomers won't be put off by the work involved in treading a traditional path.

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