Thursday, 24 April 2008

St George's Day

Today is St George’s Day in England and, to my surprise, it is not a public holiday. Most countries have a day set aside for the celebration of their inception or a day put aside in honour of the country itself. England seems to be an exception.

I find it strange that the English are so reluctant to celebrate their mythic hero. He may be a Christian hero and, to some, that may be a little off-putting, but I have to wonder how much the unwillingness to offend in this overly-politically correct society that England has become is a factor in St George’s (i.e. the 23 April) not being made into a bank, or public holiday.

Surely, we should be celebrating the achievements of this apparently little country (for it is small in terms of area) that has packed so much into its history, which probably has a lot more to offer in the future? As an immigrant, who would dearly love to have the money to become a citizen, I am disappointed that more is not made of St George, the quintessential English hero. Its almost as though the English are losing their pride and I find that sad indeed.

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