Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Cliff Dreamers Update

You may remember I did a review of Cliff Dreamers, in which I bemoaned the lack of good editing? If not, you can read it here. Well, it just so happens that Jacqui Wood has found a professional editor who is going over who two books, ready for republishing. In the meantime, the podcasts and the originals, which were available through LuLu, have been withdrawn until such time as the new versions of Cliff Dreamers and Journey Through the Inland Sea are available.

I think this is great news, because I believe that once the editing is complete a publisher will probably acquire the books. With such interest in history in the mass media at the moment - look at recent film releases (10,000 BC) and history programmes on television - there should be a market for these books in the general populace. I hope so, because I believe Jacqui deserves to be better known as an author.

Jacqui has also featured in the news recently as an article was written in
The Times -
Mysterious pits shed light on forgotten witches of the West" - about discoveries at the Saveock Water archaeological dig. If anyone wants to read more, please visit Jacqui's website, Saveock Water Archaeology. Jacqui also says "people with no experience can come to my field school for a dig holiday and get a chance to see the pits first hand. I get a lot of people from Australia, America and Canada already." So, why not go along and see for yourself?

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