Saturday, 8 March 2008

Celtic Myth Podshow

Celtic Myth Pod Show

I was searching randomly through google groups tonight, having checked my messages from the Northern Earth group and feeling like a bit of wander. It was on a druid list that I found an advertisement for the Celtic Myth Podshow - "bringing tales of the tales and stories of the ancient celts to your fireside".

In their introductory podshow, the hosts explain they are reading various tales and stories from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Britanny, and they are quick to make apologies for any mispronunciations of names, characters and places, admitting they are not native speakers of any of the languages. They do ask that anyone who has suggestions about pronunciation may leave messages on their forums, or by sending a .mp3 sound file.

The shows are hosted by Gary and Ruth, and I have to admit I find their voices quite soothing and this lends atmosphere when they are telling the tales. I have yet to read most of the stories they relate for myself; but I am enjoying what has been produced by this couple from Southern England so far.

Each episode is just over 20 minutes long, and the tales are told so that they can be enjoyed fireside, with music and sound effects to add to the atmosphere and notes are published for each episode, allowing the listener to keep track of goings on. The site is marked "child friendly" so they could be listened to by the whole family. Personally, I think they would be ideal to upload onto an iPod to by a camp fire.

I have to say, I was disappointed to find only two full episodes, though I the site is very new and I imagine it takes quite a bit of work to make each episode. I am looking forward to more appearing soon.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind comments - I'm glad that you're enjoying the show. The next episode comes out on Saturday and the story contnues... If you fancy joining us in our forums at Celtic Myth Podshow, you are more than welcome. Thank you again - it makes it really worthwhile to know that people enjoy what we do :)