Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Nature of Gods

This was posted to polytheist list by Toby Lamb. In my opinion, it is brilliant and deserves a wider audience, so I am posting it here.
My newly devised Arse Doctrine of polytheism:Most gods are a pain in the arse. Some of them are quite nice as well as being a pain in the arse. If they appear to be just nice, look out for the massive pain in the arse that's on the way when you least expect it. The ones that are just a pain in the arse are best avoided, though they will probably get to you sooner or later."
Different gods like to cause different pain in different people's arses. Talk to the ones that cause the least pain in yours. The ones that cause the most pain in your particular arse won't let you not talk to them, so just get on with it and quit moaning.

So it is written.

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