Saturday, 29 December 2007

Pagan Dating

Well now, being a member of several email lists and forums, I am used to being spammed by those promoting Christian dating sites. Why they should want pagans to sign up, I don't know. Perhaps its a new spin on proselytizing?

I figure there are enough Christians in the world to set up internet dating sites, but pagans? No. Census information tells us that we are a small number, so it was with great surprise that I found someone promoting a link to a pagan dating site. Its called Olde Souls. True, there are only 100 members so far, but I am surprised at even that amount and there appear to be quite a few in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the United States. This is a relevation AND there are success stories already being posted.

Perhaps its the right time for pagan specific dating sites? After all, many pagans know how difficult it is to find acceptance of your faith from others, as well as the public at large; we are either seen as evil-doers destined for the hellfires, or kooks destined for white jackets in a loony bin. There appears to be no middle ground of everyday people getting on with forging a decent life in the modern world. Finding a fellow pagan who feels the way you do, and who is single is a rarity, unless you know some forceful love spells and/or potions. *LOL* Maybe a pagan dating site is not so outlandish after all? If someone holds the same beliefs as you, then you might have a better chance of actually forging a strong relationship.

I wonder if this particular site will be successful, though? I think I will drop in from time to time and watch its progress. I would like to see it succeed, but I have to wonder what the take-up actually will be.

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