Thursday, 8 November 2007

Simant Bostock

Whilst on holiday in Scotland in 2004, I came across some amazing cards in a tourist shop. The cards had photographs of sculptures created by an artist, Simant Bostock. I bought only two cards thinking I would be able to find more as I went along. Time was short on this guided tour, so I rushed about trying to see everything and not really taking it all in.

Spirit of the Ancestors

The picture above is called "Bog Man: Spirit of the Ancestors" and it was the first image that caught my eye. It called me to think about my predecessors on this earth and, as the tour was taking in things like Brochs, megaliths and cairns, it had a poignancy I though I could not appreciate at the time. The tour was taking place between Harvest and All Hallows and I wonder if this had any significance in my choice of souvenirs. Certainly, the items I brought back from that tour of the Highlands and Islands were not the usual tourist fayre. Yes, I did bring back some tweed, but it was in the form of a scarf, from the weaver herself, and some postcards. However, the rest were unusual. The best of these were the two cards decorated by Simani Bostock.

So, why am I posting now (three years later) on these cards? I was trying to answer a post on inspiration in a forum of which I am a member and I remembered these cards I had at home. I brought them in to scan, but once I saw them again, I felt I had to find the creator. Unfortunately, there are no contact details and no presence on the net.

So, I was hoping that anyone reading this blog and travelling to Scotland might try and locate the artist or pieces of their work and pass the contact details on to me. I know the imagery is a bit strange and not everyone will have the inclination, or time to search out the artist, but you never know.

The image to the right is entitled: "The Journey". The collection is referred to as Images of the Tuatha de Dannan.

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Rowan said...

I don't know whether you have had any response or found out more about Simant Bostock, I've known his name for years, he co-authored a book called Celtic Connections with David James. He was based in Glastonbury but I think he is now in the Isle of Lewis. If you google bostock sculptor it comes up with a coiple of sites that mention him.